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Health And Fresh Air

Fresh air in our homes is fundamental for our health as we breathe this half of 
our lifetime.

Due to the cost of energy rising faster than our wages and for other reasons we
must reduce the use of energy. Energy reduction may be done by insulating our 
homes and reduce the existing draft. Having reduced the energy consumption in 
this way, we must also exchange the old, stale air with fresh air to assure a 
healthy living.
The fresh air reduce or eliminates the effect of allergies, carbon mono oxides, 
carbon dioxides, mould, rot and dust mites.  

Radon is a radioactive gas which impacts the health.
Be sure your house has been tested for radon.

Fresh Air In The Home
There are many ways to have more or less fresh air in the home. A host of simple and complicated methods have been developed. The main quest is to improve the in-houseair quality without loosing the expensive energy used to heat the air. Recycling the air to a level where the recycled air is comparable to fresh air is very complex and expensive.

The simplest way is to use fresh air!  

Fresh Air Heat Exchanger

It is important that the fresh air is pumped into the home at a known volume and that the energy is recovered.
Cheap but inferior methods such as trickle ventilation gives insufficient fresh air  on some days and too much on other days. Trickle ventilation consists of simple ventilation grids and stacks placed around the home. They do not recover the  energy stored in the old air and are energy expensive.

The FAHRenergy Fresh Air Heat Exchanger solely pumps fresh air into your 
home while retaining a very large part of the energy stored in the old air.
FAHRenergy both pumps the fresh air into the house and pumps the old stale 
air out of the house at the same rate. This allows for a controlled, known air movement.

Asthma, allergies, cold, radon, dry eyes and skin are diseases and 
conditions that are improved by fresh air.  

Asthma has various triggers such as House Dust and Dust Mite particles,

Pollen, Pets, Exercise, Fumes/cigarette smoke, Some foods, Changes in 
air temperature, Chemicals, Colds & Flu.

The majority of these triggers are reduced by fresh air.

For more about asthma go to the web page of Asthma UK.
Dust mites are considered to be the most common cause of asthma and allergic 
symptoms in the world.  

Allergy and allergens is too numerous a subject to discuss here but some of 
the allergens can be controlled through the use of FAHRenergy units.
Common allergens are dust mites, pollen and mould spores. Hayfever is one 
reaction to these allergens.

Dust mites: For more about dust mites go to the web page of Wikipedia, dust mites.

Pollen: By combining FAHRenergy with a pollen filter, pollen in the air of the home 
can be severely reduced.

Hayfever: Hayfever is normally associated with spring/summer and pollen but may 
occur all year. Hayfever may also be caused by a reaction to allergens around the 
home such as dust mites, moulds or animal hair or fur.

For more information on hayfever go to the Betterhealth web page.

Mould spores: It is important to know that moulds thrive in humid conditions. 
Aspergillus fungi and many other moulds are inactivated or die at humidity 
below 50%. An installed FAHRenergy system typically reduces the humdity
below 50% during the winter (at outside temperatures below 10°C).

Some of the many types of mould spores are the cause of health problems.
Moulds are considered the foundation for Sick Building Syndrome etc.

Information on Aspergillus may be found on the Wikipedia Aspergillus web page.  

Carcinogenic toxins (cancer causing) are spread by moulds:
Aspergillus sp. - A genus of fungi containing over 120 recognized species. 
Members of this genus have been recovered from a variety of habitats, but are 
common as saprophytes on decaying vegetation, soils, stored food and  animal
food products. 
Some species are parasitic on insects, plants and animals, including man. 
Various Aspergillus species are a common cause of extrinsic asthma. Symptoms 
include edema and bronchiospasms. Chronic cases may develop pulmonary 
emphysema. Members of this genus are reported to cause a variety of infections 
of the ears and eyes. 
Many species produce mycotoxins which may be associated with disease in 
humans and other animals.  Several toxins are considered potential human 

Fresh Air: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Fresh air in our homes is fundamental for our health as we breathe this half of our 

Installation of a FAHRenergy (Fresh Air Heat Recovery ventilator) is a very 
efficient, simple and cheap way of obtaining fresh air in our homes.

For more information about FAHRenergy go to the FAHRenergy Home page.


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