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This DIY 620-Alison 12dB Yagi DVB-T antenna performs well
up to 20km from the transmitter.

Better than "One for all"
The “ONE for all” 40dB indoor amplified aerial model SV-9141
 was incapable of giving sufficient signal.

The 620-Alison Yagi antenna (aerial) delivered sufficient signal for
a perfect picture for our Nikkai DVB-T digital TV. All UHF
stations from 450Mhz to 850Mhz were captured.


Diagram for the 620-Alison DVB-T Aerial (millimeters)

Diagram of 620-Alison aerial (schematics)

Make the reflector, directors and dipole of 1.35mm copper wire (or similar gauge)

The 620-Alison dipole

 Base Bar

620-Alison aerial base bar

Drill the 4 holes using a drill diameter of 1.5mm. Fix the corresponding reflector and directors in the holes.

Assembling the aerial

General: Place horizontally as the UHF waves are horizontally transmitted. Avoid nearby metal in the front of the antenna.

Indoor use is possible. Best result is obtained outside.

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DIY 620-Alison 12dB Yagi DVB-T antenna

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